#042: Looking to raise private money for your next great real estate renovation deal?

Here’s the secret! Prove you have your risks covered.  Providing third party baseline inspections, third party construction budget reviews and third party project oversight will increase investor confidence more than you can imagine.  Steve Clark at CIS Inspects shares his 30+ years of project management expertise so you can clearly show your investor how you have identified and covered potential risks associated with new construction or renovation projects.      



1:16 – Welcoming Steve back to the show and introducing his firm as well as today’s conversation around risk management.

2:21 – Background on the challenges in California due to natural disasters.

4:59 – How risk management factors into the rebuilding effort and the effects of time on projects.

6:02 – Information on the handbook that Steve is putting together to help people as they begin rebuilding.

7:36 – Looking at what the baseline survey from Steve’s firm is and why it’s helpful.

10:11 – How the baseline inspection protects everyone involved in a project and where it fits into the timeline.

12:42 – Why it’s important to address issues like lead paint within the budget at the outset of projects and how that figures in with the baseline inspection.

14:25 – How missing big items on a budget can affect a project’s outcome.

17:43 – The value of identifying and beginning to address all the possible risks.

18:16 – How the baseline inspection from Steve’s firm differs from other code inspections and how deep they can go.

21:37 – Tying the baseline inspection in with other services that CIS offers.

25:18 – Using cameras on construction sites to monitor activity and using contracts to manage relationships with contractors.

30:09 – How having more and more information on the risks can help investors with getting money together.

32:09 – Examples where having an inspection service saved the clients a lot of money and aggravation.

39:30 – Advice and resources that Steve offers.

41:40 – Contacting Steve.


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