#027: You’ve Found Your Real Estate Deal. Now What?

Investment Advisor Representative Robert Barr takes us through the due diligence and underwriting steps that help ensure your real estate deal is solid.  Robb and I also discuss Reg A+ fund, 506 Reg D fund and crowdfunding for active investors and passive investors. 

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1:03 – Introducing Robb and the Good Steward family of companies. 


1:27 – Robb’s background and how he got into real estate. 


5:10 – Robb’s wife, Jessica (episode 022), and their family. 


5:37 – Breaking down the different functions that the Good Steward companies serve and how they tie into the investing industry. 


6:32 – Information on Good Steward Account Servicing. 


7:52 – Applying an example to how account servicing can help investors and additional details on the mechanics of working with them. 


10:12 – Tying in capital management and giving details on its services. 


11:49 – Describing some of the different ways of setting up funds. 


14:05 – Another service provided by Robb’s company. 


15:43 – How crowdfunding can enter into the equation. 


16:19 – Tom’s experience with pursuing an A-plus qualification. 


18:06 – Additional benefits to the A-plus qualification. 


20:00 – Describing the lending services side of Good Steward and applying examples for both active and passive investors. 


23:01 – Differentiating between owner occupied and non-owner occupied properties. 


26:59 – Examining these issues from the broker perspective. 


28:20 – Differences between real estate brokers, private money brokers, and hard money brokers. 


30:34 – Looking at the next steps when it comes to closing a deal. 


33:00 – Robb’s checklist when evaluating transactions. 


35:14 – How closings can vary from state to state and how the money gets distributed at closing. 


38:54 – The process for money distribution as the deal goes on and which branches of the Good Steward family get involved. 


41:59 – Robb’s upcoming white paper on some economic indicators can aid real estate lenders with decision making. 


45:18 – Contacting Robb. 


45:59 – Robb’s suggested resource. 





Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Good Steward Financial Services Group 


Good Steward Lending Services 


Good Steward Capital Management 


Good Steward Account Servicing 




Email Robb at robert.barr@goodstewardservicing.com 


Contact Tom at tom@tombraegelmann.com or feedback@tombraegelmann.com