#026: Wholesaling and Post Card For Lead Generation

Gary Boomershine, longtime real estate wholesaling and marketing expert shares his philosophy on sales and the value of humility in selling. Gary also shares his thoughts on hiring virtual assistants, lost opportunity costs and focusing on your costs per deal and ROI for marketing.  He openly shares his advice for lead generation and even shares the postcard his partner created with great response rate numbers and the mechanics behind how to work with postcards for lead generation.  Gary and Tom also talk about reframing anxiety and working through self-doubt by focusing on helping others and being vulnerable. 

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1:18 – Introducing Gary and how he and Tom came to know each other. 


3:16 – Tom’s story about doing a video testimonial for Gary and how that’s led him to work through self-doubt; Gary’s advice for people with that self-doubt and performance anxiety. 


8:06 – Gary’s philosophy on sales and a story about humility in selling. 


9:15 – Reframing anxiety by focusing on helping others and being vulnerable. 


10:55 – Background on all that Gary does and how he got started with direct mail and REI Vault. 


16:11 – How REI Vault fits in with the philosophy of collaboration; realizing real estate investing isn’t as passive as a lot of people think when getting into it. 


18:17 – Gary’s advice on hiring on virtual assistants and focusing on your costs per deal and ROI for marketing. 


22:47 – Looking at lost opportunity cost and applying some example numbers. 


24:46 – Gary’s advice for lead generation and the postcard his partner created with great response rate numbers; the mechanics behind how they work with the postcard for lead generation. 


30:27 – Background on why Gary started REI Vault. 


31:58 – How REI Vault works with wholesalers. 


34:03 – Gary’s script for talking with sellers, available at www.tombraegelmann.com/salesninja. 


35:28 – Helping wholesalers to work well with the sellers on closing a deal; various ways they work with investors – more information at http://www.tombraegelmann.com/reivault, mention that you’re directed from Tom Braegelmann. 


40:22 – Focusing on what the members want and how their cost structure has changed based on listening to their members. 


41:22 – Advice Gary would give his past self. 


43:36 – Thoughts on mindsets for getting started. 


45:00 – Gary’s example illustrating the importance of making more attempts – persistence and tenacity. 


46:28 – Gary’s biggest passion. 






Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Gary’s story about overcoming stage fright 


Be Heard Now by Lee Glickstein 


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 


Podio CRM 


Traction by Gino Wickman 


Three Feet From Gold by Sharon L. Lechter CPA and Greg S. Reid 


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 


REI Vault website 


REI Vault prep 


REI Vault Overview 


Connect with Gary at www.realestateinvestor.com 


Contact Tom at tom@tombraegelmann.com or feedback@tombraegelmann.com