#039: What Do Buyers Look For When Buying Your Fix n Flip?

Preparing your property for sale is a critical part of successfully closing out on your renovation project.  Margaret Vierra, real estate broker and long-time investor shares her experiences of what buyers look for in newly renovated properties. 

Margaret also talks about comparing real estate syndication structuring and working with performing notes and non-performing notes. 



1:16 – Introducing Margaret, her background, and details on her career with EXIT Realty. 

2:39 – Margaret’s approach to business and working with real estate clients. 

3:58 – Why she decided to get into being a broker and having real estate franchises. 

6:41 – Recommendations for preparation on a first project and some things she looks for in people. 

9:18 – Other prep items Margaret looks for, particularly with active investors. 

10:27 – Thoughts on passive investors and gauging whether to pursue active or passive investing. 

12:06 – How syndication works for Margaret and what syndication is. 

14:05 – How the process progresses. 

14:30 – Margaret’s experiences with performing and nonperforming notes.

16:52 – Comparing syndications to the way Margaret has worked with performing notes. 

17:48 – Advice for someone starting out in active investing. 

21:01 – Paying attention to the final details and doing complete renovations, not partial ones. 

22:18 – What Margaret wishes she had known when she was starting out. 

23:38 – Factoring in the cost of the money financing the project when thinking about when to sell. 

24:45 – Reaching out to Margaret and her monthly online magazine. 

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