#024: Hard Money and Investor’s Mindset Challenges

Private money lender and mentor Ben Stoodley shares his experiences in working with both active and passive real estate investors. He also shares his thoughts and advice on starting and running your own Meetup real estate investing meeting and compares the employee mindset to the mindset you need for successful investing.

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1:06 – Introducing Ben and some background on his career. 


2:34 – Details on Ben’s mentoring practice and how he got into it through his work as a hard money lender and starting a meetup group. 


4:52 – Background on Ben’s meetup events. 


8:13 – Common mindset challenges investors that work with Ben have, especially around hard money, and how he approaches helping them with that. 


11:06 – Benefits of working on deals with more experienced investors. 


12:20 – One of the top mindset problems Ben sees in new investors. 


14:50 – Comparing the employee mindset to the mindset you need for successful investing and the importance of knowing your team. 


16:21 – Ways that Ben addresses mindset issues with investors that he’s coaching and mentoring. 


18:55 – Advice he would give to both active and passive investors. 


20:09 – Ben’s vision for himself and his career over the next 5 years. 


22:13 – The message he would want to broadcast to the world. 


23:24 – Embracing moments of discomfort and adversity as growth opportunities. 


24:29 – Getting in touch with Ben – http://benstoodley.com/. 




Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Lantzman Lending 


Ben’s website 


Flip Mentors 


San Diego House Flip Mentors meetup group 


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