#004: Trusted Investor

Ramon Valadez, a State of Arizona representative for several years who has recently begun the path of private lending or trusted investing.  Hear Ramon’s strategies behind his first deal; structuring a partnership, having a checklist, staying connected and more.  See why Ramon says, “We as people don’t grow unless we get out of our comfort zone.”

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1:06 – Information on Ramon’s path into politics and investing. 


4:55 – Trusteed investing, private lending, and the spectrum of real estate investing options from active to passive and where Ramon falls on that spectrum. 


6:44 – Some details and high level structure of Ramon’s first real estate investing deal. 


10:36 – The strategy behind Ramon’s first deal. 


12:40 – Embracing projects with as few moving parts as possible. 


13:54 – Addressing the risk of the borrower covering their loan value. 


14:55 – Structuring the partnership behind this first deal. 


16:33 – Approaching raising capital by sticking to a “three touch” rule, or establishing a relationship before exchanging capital and ways to establish that relationship 


19:49 – Soliciting feedback from investors as a way to ensure all risks are examined and transparent. 


21:56 – Ramon’s next steps and what would help him step forward. 


23:15 – The benefits to having a checklist and how Ramon approaches evaluating deals. 


25:39 – Staying connected with people even if they aren’t initially interested in investing. 


26:28 – Setting up the intermediary teams in terms of brokers, lawyers, etc. and embracing the “you” economy by sticking to what you’re best at. 


28:11 – Details involved in moving towards commercial deals from residential deals and some practical examples with analysis and tips from Tom. 


35:32 – Understanding what your investors expect and tailoring strategies around that. 


36:48 – Ramon’s advice for investors looking to get into either passive or active investing. 


37:25 – Stepping outside of comfort zones by focusing on the desire to give and to help others. 


39:00 – Finding ways to approach deals in a way that benefits everyone; shoulder to shoulder rather than belly to belly. 


41:03 – The SPEED of TRUST and thinking about trust differently. 


41:22 – Tom’s Trust Bucket analogy.  


Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Zeal For Life 


Elite Legacy 


Robert Kiyosaki 


The SPEED of TRUST by Stephen Covey 


Email Ramon at vlvlending@cox.net 


Call Ramon at 520-260-5882