#001: Just Get Started

Matthew Sullivan shares his experiences early on in business that have shaped his successes today. Hear strategies and methods that have lead him to real estate investing and now the Co-Founder and Manager of Secured Real Estate Investing Strategies.

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1:10 – Background on Matthew, including working with Virgin; and his podcast, Hooked on Startups. 


2:45 – Experiences Matthew had early on in investing and how those shaped his career. 


3:45 – Some of Matthew’s biggest mistakes in investing. 


5:30 – Matthew’s approach to building his portfolio and some of his strategy behind picking investments. 


8:44 – What led to his move towards real estate investing. 


10:30 – The direction and risk preference for Matthew’s real estate investments. 


11:41 – Goals for his investments and reasoning behind it. 


12:31 – How having a father in the banking industry influenced his career path. 


13:46 – Advice for newer investors on how to feel comfortable with their investment strategies; a balance between research and analysis paralysis. 


17:29 – Matthew’s advice for escaping the trap of analysis paralysis and a suggested ratio for investments at varying levels of risk. 


20:18 – How to approach getting educated and bringing on the advice of coaches. 


23:20 – Understanding your own goals for investing and using that to inform your approach to finding meet ups, coaches, or investing firms. 


24:36 – Examining the motives of those that you’re seeking advice from, but still trusting that others can be motivated to help you. 


27:15 – The importance of getting started. 


27:49 – Thoughts from Matthew on retirement accounts. 


29:19 – Being at ease with your investment objectives and allowing yourself to follow that best path for you. 


30:29 – Matthew’s interpretation of what the Bank Free Blue Print means. 


31:06 – Niching down to your specialized sector to develop a stronger sense for solid investments. 


31:36 – Contacting Matthew and some background on his upcoming book, Head First, and his real estate investing site, crowdventure.com. 




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